Galactic is Yours


Epoch Of Alt-Coins

In the past few years cryptomarket is growing incredibly, which has a direct impact on the global financial economy. Bitcoin and Ethereum are the leaders among cryptocurrencies on the market and form the basis of the financial foundation. However, recently altcoins because of their availability and accessibility among a larger population become more and more popular and no less important. One of such examples is DOGE, which was actively supporting by cryptocommunity.
While VirginityGalactic has brought together the best methods, instruments, features to present everything in one place. We plan to create a strong community with experts and become a leader in the industry.

Our Features

VirginityGalactic is a frictionless yield generating BEP-20 Token.

Our Goal

VirginityGalactic is very committed in bringing alt-coin cryptocurrencies to reach global markets. We will focus on creating a strong and effective cryptocommunity.

The Benefits for VirginityGalactic holders

 After every transaction
(both buy and sell)
5% is refunding to our holders.
What means the longer you hold
VirginityGalactic the more VirginityGalactic you get.

 Every time a transaction of
VirginityGalactic occurs, 2%
of it automatically goes
to the liquidity pool.
Minimalizing price volatility
and guarantee holders being not
as affected by sells.

Research & Development8%
Circulating Supply40%


VirginityGalactic charges a 10% tax on each transaction
which is distributed as follows:

  • 5% goes back to our Holders
  • 2% goes to the liquidity pool
  • 3% is automatically burned


  • June-2021

    Contract Creation
    Build Website
    Complete Whitepaper
    Social Media SetUp
    Pre-Launch Marketing Campaign
    Code Audit
    Token Presale
    Post-Presale Influencer Marketing
    Launch:Pancake Swap
    CMC Listing

  • Q2-2021

    Merch Store Launch
    Begin Live AMA’s
    Community Building
    Farming Launch
    Release First Custom NFT’s

  • Q3-2021

    Develop VirginityGalactic for iOS & android
    Launch Blog
    NFT Minting
    Doations to Space Exploration

  • Q4-2021

    NFT Marketplace Launch
    Virginity Trading Card Game
    Look into producing Virginity comic-book
    Chirstmas Charity Campaing
    Look into sponsoring scholarship for astronaut programme